Saturday, March 21, 2009

pineapple pastry

This is the cake which i baked for our wedding took long time to post.
i made a simple pound cake in the heart shape mould which i brought from india which is my mums gift for our aniversarry.i opted the simple cake is because i havent find much time to do other cake.

as i have pineapple pices in our freezer i used them for pastry.i grinded the pineapple pices with some sugar to it and i diluted with some water .

first i cuted the cake in to 3 layers for each layer i added the pineapple syrup and i added some finely choped pineapple to the cream(here this time i used wilton cream)for a change to try new one.i applied this mixture to the layer (this process is repeated for 3 layers.Apply one coat of cream on whole cake and refrigirate it for one hour and apply the second coat and decorate it as u like.

I dint decorated it much because i need to bake another cake for 'R' cousins .As we are going to their house for the week end.

The writing was not good as my hands were shaking at that time.

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