Thursday, May 21, 2009


hanuma jayanthi....with pulihora,dadojanam,senagalu

We celebrated hanumajayanthi on this tuesday.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rice wada

As we are having rice nowadays frequently,we had some left over rice from past two days.iwth that i made rice wadas.before starting them i was bit hesitated ,as how the taste will be.

to improve the taste i added some soaked chana dal corsley grinded.

Grind the rice with jeera,green chilis,ginger,add corsley grinded chana,soaked moong dal,salt,coriander.

deep fry them in oil.

The taste was so gudddd.we completed every thing at a time.Even 'R' liked the taste.

Friday, May 15, 2009

mirchi ka salan with small color peppers

pan fry the peppers with little oil.

In the mean time grind all the spices,onion,ginger,garlic.take the pan add 2 Tb spoons of oil and add the grinded mixture.

grind groundnut,seasme,kaju,cocunut in to fine paste and add this mixture to the above pan.and cook for 5 minutes.

now add the peppers,salt ,sugar,chilli powder.

chicken biryani

ugadi pachadi

purnalu for ugadi


tandoori chicken

Monday, May 11, 2009

Strawberry jam

fruit boul

Today ravi said he dnt want the tiffin(dosa)as he has heavy stomach.

so i given him some fruits(apple,plum,grapes)tossed with honey,strawberry jam.

garnished with spoon full of grated coconut.

Ravi certicates b'day/zebra cake.....

certificates birthday? for u...............

its what the dob what he have in certificates(05/05/1977)..........but actually it on june 21 st............

so i want to make some thing new/different this time.......zebra cake is in my todo list from past few mnths.

So i thought this is the day to make that cake..

Rice flakes with tri color capsicum.


ummm one of my favorite sweet.

Here i used ricota cheess to make that.Ravi was surprised when he had this sweet,if thats thecase me to surprised for the taste .it was too gud.

i used 14oz can of ricota cheess.and 3/4 tin of condensed milk.some grateddry fruits.
if u wish u can use cardomon i dnt like that taste i avoided that in my version.

In a heavy bottomed vessel on low flame add the ricotta cheess ,letit cook for 30 to 40 min with constant sturing in the middle.
once it got cooked and it forms to a thick consistency add the condensed milk.
let it cook for the same consistency for around 20 min.

now u can grease a plate with some ghee and u can transfer the miture to the plate.

gaarnish with dryed nuts.let it cool for some time like an hour and cut them in to pieces.

now the delicious sweet is in frnt of you.............
my mouth is full of water....planning to prepare it one more time now..........byebe

strawberry milk shake.

I have some tooo ripe strawbeerys and that to they r too sweet.with some of them i made jam and rest is this.i will post the jam some other time

chapati ladoo

I have four to five left over chapatis in refrizirator from past 3 days,i thought of making curry..........but i made them to ladoo to give a try.

Bake the chapathis untill they r crisp.let them cool a bit and make the powder of them using grinder.
finally u can add the sugar r jaggery of ur wish make them in to balls using i used milk so they r a bit harder.


Thursday, May 7, 2009