Monday, June 22, 2009

pitsburgh trip with sundal,roti,gutivankaya

green green fried rice

we are not having any greens in our food frm past 2 mnths. As ravi is asking for greens i thought of adding greens to our foodthis wednesday,so i made the green fried rice for this wednesday,before starting that i was afraid how it will be but it came out gud.the list of greens

palak,methi,coriander,mint,water crees,peas,parsley,brocoli rabe.umm adding lot of greens in one pot meal its gud.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pine apple rava kesari.

From past two days im having pineapple as my is saturday,as usuall i waked up early.i opend the fridze and saw that we are having some pineapple pieces and they r turning i thought of making kesari(as The PO created for ravi).
I mashed the pineapple pices with hand because ravi is sleeping .

When i completed making this sweet and went to bed ravi started asking "manchi smell vastundi emi chesavu"i was surprised because ravi is not the person who dsnt comment what ever we make.whether its gud r not....this is the best example for the taste of kesari.


Today is the friday,and am thinking what special should i make for dinner,it should not de deep fried because from past two fridays we are having deep fried so thinking.........

I opened the fridze there is cheese(mozarella,3 chesse italain blend)so planned to prepare pizza.with mushrooms,peppers.

I made the base with whole wheat flour and semolinna.(the base was so gud) .sause is made with tomato and capsicum.this time i added oregano it was so yummy.the sause tasted extra ordinary.i was so happy today that sause and base came out too gud.even Ravi said it has gud ..sorry better taste than Pizza hut Pizza.I made two large and one medium pizza.

The sause was bit runney this time.i need to boil this for 2 more minutes next time.

the Picture is of medium pizza.the large pizza was completed before taking the picture.