Friday, February 27, 2009

junnu(not with junnu pallu)

AS u all know junnu is made from collostrum in india we cant get it over here ,this is replacement to it.yaaaa but taste is simillar .

this is the different version of junnu,i made it with condensed milk.equal portions of milk,condensed milk,curd.add the sweet(sugar or bellam)according to taste add the pepper powder to it and presser cook for 10 minutes.umm the final result is at ur front...........yummy.......we love it

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Aratikaya(plantain)thoku pachadi

Boil the peel of plantain in water untill it a separate pan add a bit oil and fry green mirchi.squeze the tamarind juice frm tamarind ,

Grind all the three with adding some water (if necessary).at last season it with salt and do the tadka.

Egg Rice

As it snowy out side ,we thought of eating some thing hot,soi prepared egg rice with
left over rice.

i used two eggs for i cup of rice.

heat the pan with some oil add cloves,cinammom,giner garlic paste,mirchi(green),onion,one after the ohter when every thing got cooked add the egg(dnt mix it up untill it cooked a bit)so that u an get big chunks.season it with salt,now u an add the rice ,keep on sturing it and add the garam masala powder about 2 spoons.

the amount of rice is too less for photo......umm what to do forgot to take the photo before having.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

capsicum pachadi

here i used 3 colors of capsicum,First saute capsicum in a little after it became tender repeat the same with green the two ingridents a bit and make a fine paste with adding tamarind finall add the talimpu and season it with salt..enjoy it with bread,roti,hot rice with ghee