Tuesday, March 31, 2009

bread dahi wada

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

bread rasmalai

sounds intresting.I opened the fridze to check what the new things i should prepare for our wedding aniversarry.i found a bag of bread(date is going to expire in 2 days)so i need to use it as early as possible,theere are many things come into my mind i started to do some thing then i changed my idea ....and the final result is yummmmmmmy

i used the bottle cap to cut the bread in to round shape.then i roasted them on pan(because we have 2 cakes which i prepared for our aniversarry ...........so there is oil in them also)with out oil..

In the other pan i boiled the milk for an hour r so at last i added half of the sweetened condensed milk to it.added the roasted bread to the milk mix and garnished with almonds,badam,pista(which i brought frm india)so i have them in handy.

these 2 r the icecream bowls which my dad given as a present 4 ur wedding day..

Saturday, March 21, 2009

CARROT,CARROT ,CARROT.........................

I have 5lbs of carrots in my refrizirator,which i need to complete as soon as possible this i took as challenge i made this thinks

carrot cake
carrot rice
carrot chutney
carrot fry
carrot milk
carrot and alu fry
carrot raitha
carrot halwa
carrot laddu
carrot parata ke liye atta.


pineapple pastry

This is the cake which i baked for our wedding aniversary.it took long time to post.
i made a simple pound cake in the heart shape mould which i brought from india which is my mums gift for our aniversarry.i opted the simple cake is because i havent find much time to do other cake.

as i have pineapple pices in our freezer i used them for pastry.i grinded the pineapple pices with some sugar to it and i diluted with some water .

first i cuted the cake in to 3 layers for each layer i added the pineapple syrup and i added some finely choped pineapple to the cream(here this time i used wilton cream)for a change to try new one.i applied this mixture to the layer (this process is repeated for 3 layers.Apply one coat of cream on whole cake and refrigirate it for one hour and apply the second coat and decorate it as u like.

I dint decorated it much because i need to bake another cake for 'R' cousins .As we are going to their house for the week end.

The writing was not good as my hands were shaking at that time.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Plantain fry

As we shifted our house ,i dint find where my chopping board is and knife,so i opted this way of cooking.i brought the grater from india so it was in front of me and all the talimpu ingridents are in hand as i brought from india .

first peel the plantain and grate it.in a pan add the talimpu ingredients(avalu,jeera,chana dal,urad dal,dry mirchi)in the same order ,then after add the grated plantain .to this add salt,mirchi powder after 2 to 3 min of fry.

this goes well with sambar or as a side in curd rice.

Friday, March 13, 2009


umm today i got the news that our company to whom i approached to file my H1 they are not willing to aplly any H1B this year.come bact to normal im writting this post.Actually this i made 2 weeks back,for our wedding aniversary,not getting time to post this from then..

coming to preparation.
1cup chanadal,
1cup jagerry,
2 cardamoms(finley grounded)
1/2 cup maida,
pinch of salt

first pressure cook the chanadal untill done,take that out to a heavy bottomed pan add jagerry and cardamom powder cook it on low heat it will take around 30 min.
let it cool down for a while and make lemon sized balls of it.

in the mean time mix AP flour,salt 2 sppons oil,and water.it must be a bit looser than chapati mix.

keep it aside for 15 minutes .make a small portion of it and stuff the sweet inside..and make the parathaa out of it.u can use ur hand r use rolling pin for it.

heat the tawa and fry them on two sides with ghee.