Friday, March 27, 2009

bread rasmalai

sounds intresting.I opened the fridze to check what the new things i should prepare for our wedding aniversarry.i found a bag of bread(date is going to expire in 2 days)so i need to use it as early as possible,theere are many things come into my mind i started to do some thing then i changed my idea ....and the final result is yummmmmmmy

i used the bottle cap to cut the bread in to round shape.then i roasted them on pan(because we have 2 cakes which i prepared for our aniversarry there is oil in them also)with out oil..

In the other pan i boiled the milk for an hour r so at last i added half of the sweetened condensed milk to it.added the roasted bread to the milk mix and garnished with almonds,badam,pista(which i brought frm india)so i have them in handy.

these 2 r the icecream bowls which my dad given as a present 4 ur wedding day..

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