Friday, July 24, 2009

flowers with pasupu kumkum

This flowers are made for my Brother in laws took around 20 hours to make this flowers.ravi made the pasupu,kumkum packets and i made the flowers.

We could not find the time to make this flowers in advance.we worked out on saturday
night whole to complete this flowers because we need to send india with my SIL who is going on final we could finish them by 4 in the early mrning.

we could only make 79 flowers.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


One day in a discussion R said that i think u dnt know the making of samosa(i never made samosa for him at home after our marriage),frm then im planning to make last i found time to do that.

watermelon rind juice..........

I use the white part of the rind for making chutney and dosa, but this time i used whole rind(white and green)for making juice.the taste was gud.this time i added some sugar for it because ravi has to drnik this with out any complaints, from next time i add only honey to increase the taste.

Friday, July 3, 2009

niagara falls trip with home made food

food we carried to NF(muffins,chakidalu,karapusa,nankutts,cake,yogurt rice, potatto pickel rice,methi paratha,thepala rotti)........:-)

tholi ekadasi--pelap pindi

Rava laddu with mixed dry fruits

Pasta-with left overs

Today we went for mexican restaurant,we could not have much over there so we brought them as to go.

chicken burrito,and some chicken curry with peppers.
i have a small piece of red bell pepper in my fridze and some boiled beans.I mixed all together and layered with boiled shell pasta.baked it with cheese(itlian 3 cheese blend)


before making the cake we thought we are having lot of cakes now adays so we will give this cake to some one else.suddenly my brothers family came for the week end,and the cake was finished with them so happy ,they came to our place and tsted my cake.they r the first outsiders for my cake.

as a layer for my cake i applied strawberry jam ,so that layers can stick to each other.

Ravi's Birthday - clown cake

am veery happy with the clowns,before making them i thought how they will come out.

actually i did a mistake ,i made two clowns at a time thats the reason 2nd one is a bit thin and its leaning.i should have given some rest to my fingers before doing the 2nd one.