Tuesday, October 21, 2008

dussera specials

For this duessera i prepared beetroot milk,apple halwa,beetroot laddu.
are you thinking y ichoosen this variety for this festival,ya comming to that point in order to have good health ....stop stop not of us for amma because any how she will be having all the stuff for the past 9 days so i took the privilage to offer this new stuff to her .ummm comming back to recipies
Apple halwa:
Granny smith apples:2
sugar :1 cup
Ilachi :2
Ghee :2 tbsp
milk :1/2 cup
grate apples ,heat pan add the ghee after that add grated apples to it .cook on the medium flame for 5 min after add the milk and cook for around 10 min now add sugar and ilachiand cook for 10 min r untill there wnt be much liquid in it.
beetroot milk:
beetroot:1 medium
milk:2 cups
ilachi:2 spns
custard powder:1 tspn
boil the beetroot for 5 min after gring it with some water,in the mean time u keep milk for boiling ,add the beetroot juice after straining it,when the milk and beetroot juice mix got boiling simmer it for 10 min finally u add custard powder mixed in some cold milk r water finally add the sugar
U can use the strained out beetroot pulp to make ladoo as i did
add some sugar ,cocunt to it and keep it on stow untill u get the consistency to make the ladoo


Hey,Welcome to my brand new blog ,People call me 'sree' and i have this indian cuisine.Hope you will love it
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