Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Hey,Welcome to my brand new blog ,People call me 'sree' and i have this indian cuisine.Hope you will love it
All these Indian recipes are the way i cook not the way they should be. Most of them are inherited from my family. Others from books and blogs.
Important Note:
Copyright Information:
All the information including images and text is copyrighted.
You cannot use any material for commercial purposes.
If you need to reproduce, distribute, publish or do any sort of thing with my content. You need to ask for my written permission and you can do that through the gmail me at lakshmi.kalapala.
Any suggestions and queries are welcome.
Dont take the amount i give for each ingredient seriously.
Ex: If i say 1 inch tamarind ball……its because my tamarind might be old and so not that sour.
Taste yours and use accordingly. The same goes with chilli powder or other seasonings.
I generally write the recipe for 2-4 people. Calculate the amount to suit your needs.

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